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Guests are Raving about Gay Hawaii Guest House

Amazing month at the Oceanfront Bali Hut.  Ocean views and nature inspired great art.  Ideal spot to engage your creative muse.  All the amazing details in long review below.  HIGHLY recommend Hawaii Lalala.  Jeff Hengst, artist, Seattle, WA

Everyone at Hawaii Lalala Guest House were so fun and playful.  Had a great time.  Outdoor shower is awesome fun.       Butch K.  SF, CA

Wasn't sure about traveling alone, but turned out so fun.  Waterfalls, clothing optional beach, massage, yoga.  Kept busy and met some amazing guys.  Will definitely be going back.     Antonio M.  NYC

My partner and I spent a week at Hawaii Lalala and wish we had stayed longer.  So much to do. Awesome helicopter tour, naked Kehena Beach, ecstatic dance on Sunday, Hawaiian Festival with live music on Wed. Naked volleyball on Saturday.  Gay travel paradise!  Jeremy & Ian  Denver, CO

Won a free night at Hawaii Lalala in a leather party "best underwear" contest.  Met amazing guys, loved the black sand, nude beach.  So much fun I stayed 3 more nights.  SO worth it.  Will return!   Trevor  L.A.

Husband and I wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but not the crowded city of Oahu and more affordable than Maui.  Hawaii Lalala is the perfect choice.  The oceanfront Bali hut is romantic, private, and right on the ocean. Definitley the best value. Ocean wave sounds lull you to sleep at night.   Jonathan & David,  Portland, OR

Hawaii Lalala is amazing.  Must do list: Walk to the  Wed night festival  at Uncle's Awa Bar - baked goods from gay owned Bananarama and vegan coconut cream ice cream from Nicoco.  Thai, Hawaiian, vegan, crepes, BBQ, and so much more food.  Arts and crafts and 'Dirty Sailor, Dirty Fireman' soap! Lots of bois - amazing eye candy.  Full bar, stiff cocktails, live music, dancing an FUN.         Jeremy,   MT

Hawaii Gay Travel J Tide Pools.JPG

All the fun of Palm Springs gay guest houses, but on the ocean with fabulous nude beach. Hey it's Hawaii.  Totally fun, hot men, very good times.               Dawson,  Boston

Jeff Hengst, Artist  Oceanfront Bali Hut  - detail review

I recently spent a month at the Oceanfront Bali Hut in Kalapana.    The hut is a 15' by 15' screened in wooden structure resting on solid teak posts several feet off the ground.    It is a hand crafted wooden structure with many gorgeous features, my favorite being the life size carved coconut finial in the center of the ceiling.  It is screened in on all 4 sides.   It has running cold water with copper sink and a propane burner for cooking.  The hut is equipped with a very comfortable queen size bed and ample bedding for the occasional cool nights.   Hawaii is always warm so there is no need for glass in the windows.   


The hut is situated at the end of a 200' private drive lined with all manner of tropical trees including coconut palms, mangos, noni trees, mother in law tongue , banana trees, moringa, papaya and more.   There is some new construction nearby but the vegetation is so thick one hardly notices.   It also sits up on a little rise in the land which along with the fact that it sits on posts one gets a great view of the ocean just 50  yards away.  


Down a little private path through a short stretch of jungle one can reach the 1991 lava flow right in front of the hut.   Here you can see the encrusted black flow of pahoehoe lava with all its various skiens of the cooling and roiling liquid rock that flowed down the beach 26 years ago and created this new land.   After crossing this stunning new land formation you arrive at the "beach."   There is an area of black sand and gravel forming along the coast here as the dramatic surf driven by the persistent trade winds relentlessly pounds the cliffs.   One could spend hours just sitting on any of the many natural perches formed by the buckling lava watching the surf rise and slam into these rocks while it churns into existence a new black sand beach for the future.   


The hut was a perfect place to paint and write.   The peace and quite are only interrupted by the surf, the birds and sounds of the rustling palms.   In fact I referred to my time there as my Walden Pond moment.   The feeling of being so immersed in nature was so intense.   

However, unlike Henry David Thoreau, I also had the benefit of electricity. A solar panel generated enough electricity to run several lights as long as I needed them at night.   There was also good cell service consistently. And wifi access through a mifi device.  


One of my favorite parts about staying there was the little "scene" just a mile away at what is literally the end of the road.   The locals call it "uncle Roberts" in honor of the late Uncle Robert who was in fact the owner of much of the property there but more importantly, a descendant of Hawaiian Royalty,  the grand ole Patriarch who set the tone of Aloha culture that is still very much alive and well     There is an awesome smoothie shack, a little convenience store, a breakfast shack and my favorite....a market every Wednesday night where hundreds of people come from everywhere to this sleepy little spot to sell their crafts and incredible varieties of food.   There is live music and everybody from nervous teens to old hippies all creating and enjoying the vibe.    


By far, though, the best part about the Hut is the host.    He is so deeply connected to the history of the land and culture there and cares so much about the quality of one's experience.  The host helped me to set up an outside easel to paint on and even let me rent his car for a better price than I could get with a rental company.   And of course he was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic resource of information about where to go and what to do.   


There are challenges with staying in a hut in the jungle.   Headlamps and flashlights are provided,. You may want bug repellant.   Owners are committed to keeping his property organic and pesticide free but he does allow guests to use those products as they wish while staying there.     It is also occasionally windy.   But there are curtains that you can clamp down and there are enough banner palms around to shield you.   Frankly I found the windy and rainy moments to be among my favorites.   


My month there yielded an incredible amount of painting and writing.   I would highly recommend the hut to anyone seeking the connection with nature, oceanfront and ocean views and the privacy for either a time of deep meditation, romance or creative expression.

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